SharePoint Help Desk  


When you invest in a SharePoint-based help desk portal you give your employees, customers and partners the issue support they need when they need it most. Through 24/7 online support over your SharePoint Intranet, Extranet or Internet you can track each issue’s lifecycle from the initial trouble ticket straight through to issue resolution. Assign priority to each issue and send it to the appropriate HelpDesk team.

SharePoint Help Desk Benefits

  • Improved customer service levels and customer relationships
  • Reduce your costs by identifying, analyzing and removing common help desk issues
  • Further reduce your costs by automating common help desk tasks through SharePoint workflows
  • Ensure quick resolution of each issue through a centralized, standardized and optimized help desk
  • Allow your help desk team to connect and collaborate through announcements and audience alerts.

SharePoint Help Desk Features

  • Uniquely identify and track the lifecycle of each issue from initial issue report to final resolution
  • Categorize and prioritize each help desk issue
  • A centralized, single sign-on help desk portal with security trimmed access according to each user’s permission level
  • Self-service end user ticket creation by web form, phone
  • Alert key staff when important issue milestones are completed
  • Repository of each issue’s lifecycle kept in help desk database
  • Robust search functionality of each issue in help desk repository
  • Display important announcements on the help desk main page
  • Automation of common tasks with workflows
  • Targeted email alerts sent out upon important milestone completions.


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